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OBS Studio is created for Gamers, distant teachers of digital art, online lecturers, game designers that want to share their work process with the public. It is a video streaming program with recording and live-broadcasting possibilities.

The split interface of the Studio mode works for convenient control over what is being shown to the public - you can check it in the preview mode which activates with it. The software boasts of high performance of video capturing and mixing: the user can create as many scenes as needed and switch smoothly among them in the desired order by setting custom scene transitions. Image masking, color correction, and other video channel enhancements can be applied on the fly. If you are not interested in complicated operations while streaming, you can use its simple mode with the minimum needed controls.

Aside from the tricks with video streams, OBS Studio provides a lot of audio-control possibilities: an audio mixer which can filter noise gate and suppression. It fully supports VST plugin.

The Settings panel helps quickly configure your broadcasts and recordings. When you get to know where to look for the needed option, you begin to enjoy the process, before that it takes a bit of time and patience to find where the channel your video will be streamed to should be input. Yet, the settings are really easy to navigate and include hotkeys assigning as well.

At the same time, like any other video encoding software, OBS Studio is hardware, namely CPU, demanding. So, you may face PC performance slowdown when using this streaming program with the settings your computer cannot handle. The developers are aware of this peculiarity and you will get the "High CPU usage!" message if your computer is incapable of performing the encoding with the chosen settings.

OBS Studio is a handy program which should be used with the regard to the PC hardware level. If your computer is capable of working with this software at any settings it is definitely worth a try.

Nova Vozrak
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  • Records and live streams video
  • Two interface modes
  • Highly customizable settings
  • Smooth scene transition effects


  • Hardware-demanding video encoder
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